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Discontinuation of a Portion of High Temp Hook-Up Wire
The Alpha Wire portfolio requires regular maintenance to ensure our products continue to offer the most updated features and benefits, in addition to the highest quality. As you are aware, there are many reasons which cause a product to require a change or to reach an end-of-life status.

In the effort to streamline our product offering, I am announcing the discontinuation of a portion of our high temperature hook-up wire. The following changes are effective immediately:

  • 390262 BLACK 1000 FT (390262 BK001)- DISCONTINUED
  • 390262 WHITE 1000 FT (390262 WH001)- DISCONTINUED
  • 391259 BLACK 1000 FT (391259 BK001)- DISCONTINUED
  • 391259 WHITE 1000 FT (391259 WH001)- DISCONTINUED

Please note ONLY the 1000 FT put ups are being discontinued, the 100 FT puts ups are still available for purchase.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Alpha Wire representative or channel partner.

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