EcoFlex PUR

EcoFlex PUR: The Next Generation of Continuous Flex Cables

Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 by Kimberly Versaw

Yesterday marked the launch of the newest member of the EcoGen family, EcoFlex PUR.  EcoFlex PUR is a 600V cable that is up to 40% lighter, 44% smaller than traditional PUR cables.  The mPPE insulation and PUR jacket allows this product to be a zero halogen, reduced diameter, and oil-resistant cable.  This flexing cable has 8M and counting flex life cycles with an operating temperature of -50C to +90C (static) and -40C to +80C (dynamic).

This cable is ideal for industrial environments such as mining, industrial machinery, and outdoor applications due to the sunlight and oil resistance in turn with the abrasion resistant PUR jacket.  The reduced diameter and weight are great benefits for making more room in a populated cable track or smaller machines being used in industrial applications.

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