TPE is my favorite, what's yours?

Posted on Monday, March 9, 2015 by Dave Watson

Would I be considered strange if I said that I had a “favorite”?  OK, call me strange, because I do have a favorite.

Of the dozens of cable jacket materials that we use, my favorite is the TPE jacket that we use on the Series F and Series P cables from our AWIS family.  Why? You might ask.  In short, it has a lot of very positive attributes and relative to other materials, a very good value for the performance. The Series F and Series P cables are designed for hard usage in a variety of C-Track or cable track applications.  To perform well here, I cable jacket must have good abrasion and oil resistance.  The TPE jacket we use on these cable is exceptionally abrasion resistant, with the capability of going through well over 10 million flex cycles without showing any signs of wear. It is also UL approved not only for Oil Res I but for the tougher Oil Res II. This means the jacket will stand up to oils and lubricants that may be present in the application. This material also has a UL 105C temperature rating (though because of UL 1277, these cables are limited to a 90C Temperature rating) and easily passes a -25 C cold bend test.  It has excellent flame resistance, being capable of passing the IEEE 12202/FT4 flame test on most constructions. It is also a soft and pliable material, so the cables don’t fight against the track as they are flexed. And yet the material is tough enough to achieve the UL –ER (Exposed Run) rating is most constructions. As a final bonus, I’ll throw in the fact that it is Sunlight resistant in all colors.  What more could you ask for?

So given the fact that I have a favorite jacket compound, it really should not be much of a surprise that I often find myself recommending the Series F and Series P cables as the best off the shelf solution for a host of demanding applications.


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