Lacing Tape

Neatness Counts

Posted on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 by Kimberly Versaw

As a leader in premium products, Alpha Wire knows wire and cable.  And we know the challenges you face in creating harnesses, routing, and combating noise.  Our FIT wire management products are designed to tame the most unruly applications.

In our previous blog entry we discussed some sleeving options through FIT wire management, let’s talk a bit more about harnessing organization.

CST Series:  The pressure-sensitive adhesive contains a uniform dispersion of unique oxidation-resistant conductive particles that produce very low resistance through the tape. This feature results in shielding performance approximately 5 dB better than other metal foil shielding tapes.

Spiral Wrap Tubing:  SW Spiral wrap tubing simplifies wire harnessing, cabling, and bundling. Alpha’s SW tubing wraps tightly to the wire and cable being bundled, yet is flexible and simple to apply. All types maintain flexibility even when bent around sharp edges. Breakouts or tapoff connections may be made through the openings of the wrap. SW spiral wrap is constructed from several semirigid tubing materials and then cut on a continual spiral.

Expandable Braided Polyester Sleeving (GRP-110, GRP-120):  GRP-110/120 is a lightweight, expandable woven polyester sleeving that offers high flexibility with high resistance to abrasion and cut-through. The open weave allows for a great range of expansion of the sleeving diameter, thus ensuring ease of installation and gripping action over a wide range of shapes and sizes. GRP sleeving is an ideal protective sleeve for wire bundles, harnesses, pneumatic hoses, hydraulic lines, and highly polished or threaded machine parts. To prevent fraying of ends, GRP-110 and GRP-120 should be cut/sealed with a hot knife.


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