Standard or Custom, Alpha Wire has Solutions for Medical

Posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 by Ryan Mahoney

Ryan Mahoney is a Product Development Engineer and the Medical Product Lead at Alpha Wire.

Realizing a medical device and bringing the device to market is a complex and sometimes difficult project.  Whether a well-honed medical device manufacturer with a robust design process and quality system or a small start-up navigating the waters for the first time, unanticipated setbacks, delays and cost overruns can occur.  Choosing the best vendor partners may help to mitigate these setbacks and bring a project back to green more quickly.


Alpha Wire has extensive experience working with medical device designers and manufactures to find solutions which meet the requirements of the project.  Choosing the right cable product for your medical application is critical.  Alpha Wire has a Medical Devices Portfolio of standard parts and manufacturing capabilities aligned to the medical industry.  Need small or large cable, specialty conductors and insulation, lumen, special shielding, biocompatibility requirements or part with sterilization compatibility? Choose Alpha Wire to design and manufacture a customer cable solution for your medical device.


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