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The Difference between MTW and UL 1015 Hook-Up Wire

Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 by Dave Watson

Dave Watson, Director of Engineering, also known as Alpha Wire's resident wire and cable expert was prompted with the question below regarding hook-up wire standard differences.  Check out Professor Watson's explanation!

Q. Can you explain the difference, if any, between MTW and UL 1015 Hook-Up wire?

 Most certainly. UL 1015 is an Appliance Wiring Material (AWM) style that is based on the requirements of UL Standard 758, Appliance Wiring Materials. There are quite literally thousands of AWM styles, each more or less having its own unique set of characteristics. AWM 1015 is a very popular style for a single conductor wire that has an 80, 90 or 105°C temperature rating, a 600 Vac, 750 Vdc voltage rating, a Horizontal flame test rating, and an Optional 60 or 80°C Oil. Most AWM 1015 wires you'll find on the market are 105°C.

Machine Tool Wire (MTW) is the title of a completely different UL Standard: UL Standard 1063. This standard covers both wires and cables designed for use on industrial machines. Conductors must be insulated with PVC or PVC/Nylon and Multi-conductor cables must be jacketed with a PVC that passes the UL Oil Res I test. The UL Standard only allows 22 AWG and larger conductors and there are lots of details on how the conductor must be stranded and what is suitable for flexing, etc. MTW wires and cables carry a 600 Volt 90°C Dry, 60°C Wet, temperature rating.

In the case of Alpha Wire, and probably most wire and cable companies, we apply multiple ratings to our products. Our 3070 series of Hook-Up Wire carries both UL AWM 1015 and UL MTW ratings (as well as two CSA ratings). This allows this product to be used in applications that require either type of UL approval.

And that is really the heart of the matter. Standards are written with a particular application, or range of applications in view, so by understanding what Standard or Standards are applicable to your application you can have confidence that the product you are selecting is appropriate for your application.


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