Advancing Technology makes Semiconductor Equipment Run at Full Capacity

Posted on Monday, November 10, 2014 by Kimberly Versaw

MPPE Insulation can also provide significant benefits in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.  Such a booming industry in regards to advancing technology means there is no room for downtime.  How mPPE can keep your equipment running smoothly?

As fast as the smartphones and tablets are introduced, the need for smaller semiconductor chips and technologies grows even faster.  Manufacturing equipment needs to increase in complexity to keep up with the technological advances.  As the complexity increases it is necessary for the components within to shrink and allow room for advancement.  It is also imperative that such components are reliable in order to minimize downtime.  It is clear that engineers are hesitant to swap components that might sacrifice performance when such reliability is on the line.  Similarly, tough cleanroom environment regulations make it difficult to find suitable replacements that adhere to the manufacturing guidelines.  What semiconductor manufacturing equipment needs today is a regulatory approved product that can offer fluid and abrasion resistance.  Good news is, this is where mPPE insulation excels once again.

Design engineers needn’t be faced with the ultimatum in having to choose between space savings and reliability when using mPPE insulation in their equipment components.  Its innovative design allows for the smaller diameters without sacrificing performance of the product.   As seen with Alpha Wire’s introduction of EcoWire Plus, mPPE insulation can be formulated to offer additional benefits such as superior fluid resistance.  Such benefits prove beneficial when components are used in cleanroom environments.  Another benefit, that is especially important in the semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry, is mPPE insulation offers strong outgassing benefits, up to 91% lower outgassing than PVC, which is crucial for such applications.  From the wafer fabrication and processing equipment to the semiconductor packaging equipment, mPPE insulated wire and cable can easily find its place.

The idea of a component being smaller, lighter, and better performing than PVC is no longer too good to be true! The number of applications mPPE insulation can be used in is rapidly growing every day, and it is quickly disrupting the PVC powerhouse’s hold on the semiconductor and every other market using wire and cable components.


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