The more custom cables, the better!

Posted on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 by Kimberly Versaw

In case you haven’t seen the latest wire and cable news, Alpha Wire has acquired Coast Wire and Plastic Tech.  Coast Wire is a custom wire and cable manufacturer based in Carson, CA with an eclectic assortment of materials and capabilities for wire and cable designs.  Similarly to Alpha Wire, Coast has a great presence in the semiconductor and medical markets providing customers with products for many demanding applications.  From the blog, you have read about Alpha Wire’s custom capabilities for the medical market and now the portfolio has grown with the acquisition of Coast.

Coast Wire’s manufacturing capabilities include an assortment of insulation materials, from FEP to silicone, and a conductor range of 4/0 to 50 AWG.  This assortment will add to Alpha Wire’s current portfolio, thus helping our current and potential customers with more options for their wire and cable needs.  Coast products are of high quality with ratings such as ISO 9001:2008, RoHS/REACH, UL/CUL, CSA/CE, and ISO 13485.

Like Alpha Wire, Coast provides exceptional customer service and high quality service such as no minimum order quantity or spend, 24-48 hour quote turnaround with custom specification, quote, and the lead time.  For more information regarding the acquisition, please visit

If your application requires custom cables, look no further, Alpha Wire and Coast together have the cable for you!  For more information regarding Coast Wire capabilities, please click here.

Conductor Materials

Insulation and Jacketing Compounds

Bare copper

CWPT can extrude any thermoplastic or thermoset (except for Neoprene)

Copper Alloys


Tinned copper


Silver-plated copper


Nickel-plated copper


Tinsel wire


Litz / Magnet wire


Thermocouple wire


(FEP, PFA, ETFE (Tefzel®), ECCtreme® ECA 3000)

Carbon fiber (.5K – 12K)

PTFE & ePTFE tapes

Metalized Carbon fiber

PR (Santoprene™)

Aramid (Kevlar) fiber


Stainless steel yarn

Medical Grade Class VI, ISO 10993 compliant & FDA approved materials



Mu Metal


Precious metals & alloys (Au, Pt, Ag)



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